Good Zoo Youngsters Growing Up Fast

Grevy's Zebra and her foal

The Grevy’s Zebra foal was born in September 2013.

They are still young, but they don’t look like it! The Good Zoo babies are starting to look like adults.

The Grevy’s zebra foal, Jamila, is going to be 2 years old in September. She still loves to hang out with her mom, Samburu, and can often be seen galloping and playing in the field. Jamila’s brown stripes have all now turned black, so the only way to tell the difference between the mares is their size. Samburu is still much larger than Jamila.

African Wild Dogs at Oglebay Good Zoo

The African Wild Dogs pups were born in June 2014.

The zoo’s African Wild Dog Pack celebrated the pups 1st birthday on June 23rd. All three pups, Mikumi, Akili, and Shaba, are almost the exact same size of their parents. Their behavior is the quickest way to identify the three crazy pups. They love to ‘stalk’ each other to hone their hunting skills and are often seen chasing each other around the tree or den.

Golden Lion Tamarins at the Oglebay Good Zoo

Golden Lion Tamarins were born in February 2015.

The Golden Lion Tamarins born at the Good Zoo are now 6 months old! The twin boys are doing great and the family could not be happier. The twins still are slightly smaller than their brothers and parents. The easiest way to find the newest twins is to look for the ones hanging upside down or wrestling on the vines.

Be sure to come see these rare and endangered youngsters!