Oglebay Executive Chef Receives Certification

Martin Galloway Earns Executive Chef Certification

Martin Galloway, Oglebay Resort’s ACF Certified Executive Chef, oversees Wilson Lodge Ihlenfeld Dining Room’s transition from breakfast to dinner.

Martin Galloway, Executive Chef at Oglebay, was recently certified by the American Culinary Federation (ACF).


Brian Burkley, Director of Food & Beverage, said that certification through the American Culinary Federation demonstrates skill, knowledge and professionalism. “Certification is not only a benchmark for personal and professional achievement but it has also become recognized as a standard of excellence in the industry,” Burkley said.  “We are very proud of Martin.”


Galloway said the certification process began last year.  “Once my initial application was reviewed and approved it was on to a written exam, given at an ACF approved site, in October.” The exam included 100 questions on culinary terms, techniques, cuisine and sanitation. Galloway said that certification also includes a practical exam.


“The practical exam was a preparation of a three course meal for four, and took more than three hours to complete,” said Galloway.  The practical exam includes a market basket with the foods required to use and three ACF accredited Judges monitor and question techniques, menu and execution from start to finish.


“The first course was serving and cooking lobster and salmon, the second course was salad and vinaigrette emulsification, and, the third and final course was entrée with protein, starch, and vegetable,” said Galloway.  “The whole process was critiqued and graded for each individual section.


“If you manage to pass the written and practical exam, you must submit all documentation for final review to the ACF and patiently wait to receive a mailed certificate of acceptance. Once you are registered into the ACF database, you officially have the title as an ACF Certified Executive Chef (CEC)” said Galloway.


In order to even  have this opportunity in becoming a CEC, Galloway had to accumulate over 150 hours of continuing education after receiving his high school diploma with additional courses on nutrition, food safety and sanitation, and supervisory management. Galloway also was required to work a minimum of three years as a Chef de Cuisine, Executive Sous Chef, or a chef in charge of food production, while furthermore supervising people in the preparation of food. These all around requirements are what make CEC such an extinguished title. Customers can feel safe knowing that their food is being handled by people who know what they are doing. Galloway’s training prepared him to deal with food allergies and ensure no cross contamination will occur, which can give a sense of relief to guests who struggle to put trust in others handling their food.


Receiving this certificate was not required through Oglebay, but through Galloway’s own sense of accomplishment. “I did not go to culinary school. I needed some other way of pushing myself to show that I can do it.” Receiving this ACF honor was a very large advancement for Galloway’s personal growth.


What is in store for Galloway’s future? His goal is to continue working hard at Oglebay Resort while having the opportunity to introduce a new up and coming revised menu. There will be exclusive dining events being hosted this approaching summer, and Oglebay’s Certified Executive Chef will play a large part in making Oglebay Resort a destination eating spot.