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America’s Future Trees Foundation – Keeping Oglebay Beautiful in the Past and in the Future

The America’s Future Trees Foundation (AFT) has been instrumental for more than half a century in keeping Oglebay and Wheeling Park two of the most beautiful recreation areas anywhere.  Founded by the late Oglebay heir Courtney Burton in the 1960s, AFT moved its headquarters to Oglebay in 1974 and, for many years, Burton matched contributions dollar for dollar.  Nearly 3,000 trees and shrubs were planted in the 1960s and 70s, following the establishment of AFT, and over the years, AFT has provided funds to invest in the planting of new trees and tree care. 

The trees installed in the 1960s and 1970s are declining and dying. Old age, disease, and pests, have taken their toll on the mature landscape and the Wheeling Park Commission (Oglebay’s governing board) has developed and is prepared to implement a comprehensive tree and landscape plan to meet the challenges that now threaten to destroy some of the beauty of the sweeping vistas and landscaping features that visitors have enjoyed for so long.

Today, AFT is housed under The Oglebay Foundation, but still operates in the manner it always has and still welcomes donations of any size. The Oglebay Foundation has launched a new campaign through AFT, with the goal to raise funds over the next few years to plan, manage, and care for the tree-covered grounds of Oglebay. The tangible attributes of trees and landscape plantings are easily measured. But equally important are the intangible pleasures which trees present in our daily lives. Trees enhance our lives, reduce our stress and make us feel connected with and to nature. Your contribution to America’s Future Trees Foundation, no matter how modest, will assure that future generations have the chance to enjoy the trees we plant today.  Call the Oglebay Foundation office at 304-243-4166 to request an AFT brochure and/or further information.